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Very nice infrared shot. I'm dying to know how you changed the color of the sky. How did you select it????

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RSTONE...go to photoshop and utilize channel mixer..change red to blue and blue to red.
first you have to get your infrared right. i used a Hoya R72 infrared filter, on a sunny day did a white balance measure of green grass...go to or somethign like that for explanation. my d80 is having problems doing infrared

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how on earth did you do that?

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Love seeing the ambition.
For anyone wondering if their camera can do IR photo's with the above mentioned filter, Point any remote control at your camera and view through the LCD viewing screen to see a flash or no flash from the remote. Dslr owners can actually do a slow shot at around half or one second in order to see ant light coming out of the remote. IR is a blast.

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