Many camera makers are bringing out so-called "mirrorless" digital cameras.

Many camera makers are bringing out so-called "mirrorless" digital cameras.
The features in these cameras make me think I could use one as my main camera.
47% (56 votes)
I see these as good for snapshots and travel but not as my main camera.
28% (33 votes)
I like the design and features of the DSLR design.
25% (29 votes)
Total votes: 118

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I think this camera is a great addition to the digital camera world. It's compact with high image quality, yet holds a similarity to the older manual 35 mm camera's in terms of viewing. In some ways I see that is a more natural way of creating art....the first shot goes with the initial feeling.

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1. I am uncomfortable using a camera that does not have an eye level viewfinder, weather electronic, a rangefinder or a simple view finder. There is a significant connection from the viewfinder to the eye to the mindseye. The viewfinder provides a level of isolation from all distractions so that the mindseye may visualize the photograph to be captured. Using a 4x5 with a hood achieves a similar level of isolation.

Holding a camera pressed frimly against the face with elbows tucked to the ribs provides a somewhat stable platform for the camera. Holding a camera at arms length is not a stable platform. It is really humorous watching people compose pictures with the camera at arms length as their body snakes back and forth, much like the cobra following the bell of the horn. I have interesting photos of people trying to take photos using a camera without a rangefinder. Funny.

2. The camera should have a sensor that is as large any advanced amateur camera. A large sensor allows for a greater dynamic range, potentially higher ISO, and more pixels.

3. There should be a moderately fast zoom lens from 28mm to 140mm. If the lens is interchangeable then a fast 50mm prime lens.

4. Manual zoom control. I go crazy zooming in and overshooting then zooming out and overshooting again. Grrr!

There are several cameras that are close to meeting my requirements but so far none meet all of my requirements.

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I keep looking forward to the new releases of small mirrorless cameras with large sensors, and they continually disappoint me by leaving out a viewfinder. If some manufacturer was smart enough to include one, they would capture a large portion of the "real photographer" market.

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