Lovely Portraits Without Flash Using These Simple Shooting & Editing Tips (VIDEO)

Everyone loves people pictures, right? So why do so many photographers shy away from portraiture? Perhaps it’s because of the popular misconception that expensive, complicated lighting gear is required for quality results.

The video below provides a simple cure for those of you afflicted with the dreaded fear of flash (or an empty wallet), as you’ll learn how to shoot lovely portraits without supplemental light. You’ll also pick up a few editing tips for making images even better.

This episode from AdoramaTV is all about the beauty and simplicity of illuminating portraits by window light. And once you get the hang of this easy approach, you’ll be able to use the same techniques for unique macro and tabletop photography too.

Instructor Pye Jirsa of SLR Lounge walks you through the process from beginning to end, concluding with a few easy Lightroom tips for enhancing the results. Best yet, all you need to get the job done, besides a camera and lens, is an affordable backdrop and simple reflector. You can find links to the gear used in the description beneath the video.

Jirsa kicks off this 20-minute tutorial by describing his scene and equipment. There’s also a brief explanation of what makes soft window light so compelling. Jirsa then poses his model and gets to work.

The first step is capturing what Jirsa calls a “basic shot” with a correct exposure. He then gives the portrait some professional flair by adding the backdrop and introducing a bit of fill light with a reflector. A few quick tweaks in Lightroom and he’s done. Jirsa provides a downloadable exercise file so you can follow along. No flash required!

You can find more great tips on the AdoramaTV YouTube channel. And if you missed yesterday’s tutorial with portrait tips for beginners, be sure and take a look.