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So much aperture [i](blasted)[/i] that you're actually bending the light a bit like warping. F2.8? F1.4?
Congrats on the quitting SP, even trying at all is a hard task.
So, if you quit, where'd you get the smoke from? :)

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this was taken a couple of months ago. i have quit for about 6 weeks. i still have a couple of packs for reserve. just in case. this was taken with a sigma 105mm macro at f/2.8

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Great shot.Wonderful dof. Just throw out your couple packs,you don't need them.
That's just teasing yourself.Congrats on your 6 wks.Keep on keep'en on.

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I find that, [b]at the time,[/b] you left to most desirable part of the cig. in total focus. [i](the starting part)[/i]
Now, I wonder what it would look like, shot from the other end? or [u]even the whole pack opened from that end and shot as a good bye image[/u] lol
Congrats on quiting, I became a [u]non-smoker[/u], May,2001

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