Learn the Secrets to Taking Sensual Swimsuit Photos with This Helpful Tutorial (VIDEO)

It sure helps to have a sexy model when shooting swimwear, but there’s also a lot technique involved if you want to get great results. In this helpful tutorial, commercial photographer Dixie Dixon demonstrates what you need to know.

Dixon discusses poses that accentuate your model's figure, talks about props and gear choices, and shows you how a simple silver reflector can help you achieve pleasing skin tones on overcast days. The video also reveals her exposure settings for the images she made.

As we’ve noted before, proper guidance and feedback for your model is always important, and Dixon offered an instruction we haven’t heard before: “Just kinda roll around in the sand and I’ll capture you.”

The video below is just a portion of an in-depth, 22-hour “Docutorial” on swimwear, lingerie and editorial photography offered by Dixon and PRO EDU for $299.

Via ISO 1200