How to Shoot STUNNING Street Portraits that POP in 7 Different Locations

You don't have to go into the studio to shoot gorgeous portraits with ideal light. If you know a few tricks and can pick the right locations, you can capture stunning portraits right on the street using only natural light.

In the below behind-the-scenes video, pro photographer and educator Justin Laurens takes you to seven different locations in the beautiful Old Port of Montreal in Canada to show you how to get the most out of your subject while using minimal gear and just the ambient light around him. Of course, it helps to have an attractive model but that's not the only thing you need, as Laurens explains in the clip.

"This photo shoot expands across a wide variety of unique shooting locations," Laurens says. "I filmed this photo shoot with the talented Eden Von Weiss. So, without further ado, let's dive straight in and I'll show you how these location tips can really bring your portraits to life."

Yes, as they say in real estate, sometimes it all comes down to location, location, location. Also key, as Laurens explains, is knowing what's the best time to be in a location so you can get the best natural light for your portraits. You also need to know how to use every element of a location to capture creative, eye-catching portraits on the fly.

Here are the seven locations in Montreal that Laurens explores for his portrait shoots with Von Weiss.

#1 Old Clock Tower

#2 Park Bench

#3 Bonsecours Park

#4 Black and Gold Fence

#5 Quaint Alley

#6 Old Bank Steps

#7 World Trade Centre Building

Watch the whole photographic tour of Montreal below and make sure you have you a pen and notebook handy to take notes on all the tips that Laurens provides at each location, whether it's understanding how to use a windy day to your advantage, or how to coordinate the colors of your model's hair with the surrounding to capture a can't-miss portrait. And don't forget to subscribe to Laurens' channel to get all his portrait photography tips and tricks.