How to Shoot Seductive BODYSCAPE Photos Without Revealing Too Much (VIDEO)

The human form provides a wealth of possibilities for intriguing images, from fully clothed portraits to explicit nudes. Today’s tutorial takes sort of a middle ground, by explaining how to capture seductive images that leave plenty to the imagination.

So what is bodyscape photography? Essentially, it’s a delicate but dramatic form of imagery in which one shoots photos of the human body in a way that resembles a traditional landscape image—often concentrating on detail shots that may initially be difficult to identify.

In the video below you’ll pick up some very help advice for giving bodyscape photography a try. Photographer Matt Granger is a popular and versatile pro whose tutorials we share regularly on a variety of topics. Today he provides an array of advice on shooting bodyscapes, from working with a model to more technical photography considerations.

While Granger typically photographs models nude, that wasn’t possible for this online tutorial because doing so would violate standards YouTube standards (as well as those we have at Shutterbug). Therefore, his model is wearing discreet skin-toned underwear without obvious seams.

Granger is adamant that establishing strong trust with your subject is essential for this type of photography—whether she’s totally nude or not. Hence the model you see here is someone Granger has worked with frequently since moving to Hong Kong two years ago.

As you’ll see, the method demonstrated here is all about using the direction of light to capture “intriguing images that are still classy.” Sometimes that means abstract photos, while other times it’s about carefully posing a full-body shot that leaves something to the imagination.

You’ll learn some very helpful tips for posing models, how to use shadow patterns to create drama and mystery, and several more tips on composition, dealing with different body types, and more.

After watching the video head of to Granger’s YouTube channel where you’ll find more great advice on a wide range of topics.

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