How to Shoot Moody Photos (Mango Street VIDEO)

Moody photos that conjure feelings of sadness, intensity and beauty are all the rage these days, but have you ever wondered how to shoot one that doesn't look fake and corny? If so, check out the below tutorial from Mango Street showing you how to capture just the right amount of darkness and emotion for an effective moody photo.

"A lot of photography styles fall into two camps: moody or bright and airy," Rachel from Mango Street says. "When you're learning to hone your own style it's important to understand which style you're more attracted to and it's important to understand how to achieve both styles. Today we're diving into moody."

But what, exactly, is a moody photo? Is it just something that's dark and underexposed. Not exactly, Rachel adds.

"Some photographers define moody by the literal mood of the subjects in the photos. If the subject looks sad or angsty they'll call that moody," she says. "Some photographers contrive moodiness in their photos in post-production by doing things like altering the sky or adding dark graidents to their photos. But moody photos can be achieved without people [in them] or major alternations in post. It's mostly all about the natural light and how you expose for it."

To find out more, watch the video below and then go visit Mango Street's channel for more concise and helpful tutorials.