How to Shoot KILLER Portraits at BORING Locations (VIDEO)

We've heard some people complain their portraits look blah because they can't find good locations to shoot them in. We're sorry but that's a poor excuse because, as pro photographer Manny Ortiz shows you below, good portraits can happen just about anywhere.

There's no secret, really. You just need to use your eye as a photographer to turn what looks like lemons into lemonade.

In the short video, Ortiz takes you to several seemingly boring or even downright ugly locations and shows you how to find the good spots to shoot portraits. In the clip, he captures eye-catching photos of his wife Diana using available light and what most people would think is blasé scenery.

"This is what a normal person sees, and this is what a photographer sees," Ortiz says while shooting at an indoor mall location while discovering it has a big, illuminated screen to serve as the main light and interesting red LEDs to create background bokeh.

Later, at an outdoor driveway in front of a hotel, Ortiz finds luggage trolleys to create symmetry and leading lines for a gorgeous portrait. In another example behind a parking garage, he finds a bush to create foreground interest and a spot of light to shine on Diana for the portrait.

It's a fascinating video and one that's guaranteed to get your juices flowing for your next portrait session. While fancy gear and high-end lighting can help, many times simple composition choices can make or break a portrait.

So, check it out and then head out to the next "boring" location you can find to try your composition skills to shoot killer portraits. If you're looking for more inspiration, watch this Shutterbug video from photographer Jordan Matter with "five great portrait photography locations you can find right outside your door."