This Is How to Pick the PERFECT Lens for Landscape Photography

How do you pick which lens to use for a particular shot? For outdoor photographer Mark Denney, who only owns two lenses, the choice would seem to be relatively easy. He still has to decide though, which one to select.

For Denney, lens choice is all about photo composition. One lens might help him create a certain look for a landscape shot while another gives him a different look entirely. He still has to make a choice and in the below video, he explains how he picks the perfect lens for landscape photography composition.

"One of the most common questions that came out of my video earlier this month regarding the 2 Essential Lenses for Landscape Photography was how to choose which lens is best for a particular composition," Denney says. "This is a great question that can be impacted by multiple different factors, but I generally think of the four qualities of a great landscape composition before I reach into my pack to grab a lens."

In the below clip, Denney discusses the four keys aspects of composition he thinks about before he picks a lens to shoot with.

"I used to believe the only thing I needed to evaluate was how far away the composition was from my camera, but as time has progressed, I've realized there's much more to it than that," he says. "I hope this video provides you with some on-location compositional things to consider the next time you reach into your camera bag to determine which lens is best for your particular landscape photography composition."

Check it out and then go visit his channel for more great landscape photography tips, tricks and advice.