How to Go from an Amateur to a Professional Photographer: Tips from Working Pro Jeff Cable

It’s the dream of many who have picked up a camera and have a passion for photography. How do I get make a living as a professional photographer?

Working pro photographer Jeff Cable, who we have featured on Shutterbug before, has many answers to that proverbial question. In the below video lecture shot at B&H Photo’s Event Space titled "How to go from Amateur to Professional Photographer," Cable breaks it all down for you.

“There is nothing better than turning your passion of photography into a money-making profession,” B&H says in the description to Cable’s presentation. “Whether it is a part time proposition or a full-time effort, Jeff Cable will give you advice on making the transition from hobbyist to professional. To be successful in the photography business, it is much more than taking great photos. Even though Jeff will talk about his equipment recommendations, he will really focus on the business aspects and what can help you get started and grow your business.”

At over an hour, it’s a long tutorial but one well worth your time if you’ve ever had any inkling of wanting to go pro with your photography. If you want some more advice, check out these three Shutterbug posts on the same subject:

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