How to Create Powerful Wide-Angle Landscape Photos: Easy On-Location Tips (VIDEO)

If photographer Mark Denney had to pick only one lens for his landscape photography it would be, without question, his 16-35mm wide angle zoom lens. Over the years, the 16-35 has helped Denney capture the vast majority of his landscape images.

He says the lens is "not only amazing for capturing grand sweeping vistas, but also a great tool for getting a bit creative while on location from a composition perspective."

But there's more to shooting a powerful landscape image than just having the right lens. In the below video, Denney shares multiple easy tips on how to capture visually striking landscape photos when you're out on location.

"One of the best qualities of a wide-angle lens, outside of its wide field of view, is the natural distortion that comes with using such a wide focal length," Denney says. "Now I know 'distortion' is usually a word that we generally don’t like to hear when it comes to camera lenses, but when used effectively this type of lens distortion can be an incredibly powerful landscape photography technique. There are multiple different ways you can use wide-angle lenses for landscape photography and the tips discussed in this video enabled me to improve and take my wide-angle lens photography to an entirely new level."

Watch his tutorial below and then go visit Denney's YouTube channel for more helpful photography videos.