How to Choose the Optimum Focus Point(s) for Every Photo You Shoot (VIDEO)

Camera manufacturers take pride in how many focus points are available in new models, and the number seems to be increasing with every introduction. From a user’s perspective, the phase “more is better” often rings true.

But depending upon your subject and the other camera setting in use, it’s sometime important to be selective with the number, size, and position of focus points you select, instead of always going with the maximum. In the tutorial below from Adorama TV, you’ll see how to make the best choice for the situation at hand.

NY-based pro David Bergman shoots everything from portraits and concerts to celebrity and sports photography, so he reconfigures his camera depending upon the assignment. He explains that, “The focus points in your camera come in all shapes and sizes,” and in this nine-minute episode he carefully explains how to customize your camera for different type of images.

Bergman begins by explaining how complex autofocus systems work in the latest modern cameras, and he reviews the myriad of focus point options at your disposal. He also reveals what he says is his favorite choice.

Focus point size is a critical consideration if you want clean, sharp images, and while Bergman is a Canon shooter, his advice applies equally to most other brands of full-featured cameras. He explains why, whenever possible, he chooses the smallest focus point available, because “it is by far the fastest and most accurate option available.”

Bergman also discusses how and  when to expand the AF area, and situations in which Zone AF may be your best choice. He also talks about the increasingly popular Eye AF mode that’s available in most of today’s advanced cameras.

You can find more shooting advice on the Adorama TV YouTube channel, and see more interesting stuff on the Ask David Bergman website.