Here’s a Unique Way to Use the Exposure Triangle for Photos with an Artistic Flair (VIDEO)

Most photographers are familiar with the Exposure Triangle, which is a helpful concept explaining the three variables that combine to create a properly exposed image. These three considerations, aperture, shutter speed and ISO, work together to arrive at the desired result.

Unfortunately, many descriptions of the Exposure Triangle can be confusing—making the tool difficult to master. But the 10-minute video below offers a unique way of describing the Exposure Triangle that’s both easy to understand and simple to execute.

Pye Jirsa of SLR Lounge created this tutorial as part of his “Mastering Your Craft” instructional series that appears exclusively on AdoramaTV. Whether you’re a beginning photographer or a more experienced shooter, this approach to a powerful tool is well worth a look.

What makes Jirsa’s technique unique is this: He demonstrates how aperture, shutter speed and ISO not only affect exposure, but how these settings can combine to create an artistic component. One example is that it sometimes makes sense to shoot at higher ISOs if you’re willing to sacrifice a bit dynamic range to achieve a certain mood.

So if you want to get properly exposed images with a bit of artistic flair, check out this helpful video. You can find more shooting tips on AdoramaTV and at SLR Lounge. And be sure to check out an earlier tutorial we posted from the “Mastering Your Craft” series with five simple tips for shooting portraits on the street.