Here's How to Pose Two Models for a Swimwear Photo Shoot (VIDEO)

Two models are always better than one, right? Maybe if your shoot calls for it but that doesn't mean photographing two models is easier than capturing one. In fact, it can be quite a bit more challenging.

Pro portrait and swimwear photographer Anita Sadowska understands this and in the below video she shares her top tips on how to pose two models. In the clip she works with models Deja Monet and Bree Colter while demonstrating her posing techniques in this portrait photography how-to video.

"Whenever I'm doing shoots where there's more than one girl I always want to look out for a few things," Sadowska says. "The first thing is definitely height. Ideally you would want the models to be the same height because it will make the balance of the images a bit easier. I think if one girl is too short and one is too tall it's going to create a lot of off balance and it's going to make the posing a bit more difficult. "

Another key tip for posing two models is to make sure to capture the connection between them, she adds.

"Whenever you pose two girls you always want to make them look that they are really friendly, that they are close to each other," Sadowska explains. "You don't want them to stand next to each other very awkwardly. It's always easier if you can get them to hug or get them to interact with each other."

Watch below to learn all of her secrets and then go hop on over to her channel and hit the subscribe button to get all of her swimwear photography tips.