Here's How Portraits Look with a 24mm vs 50mm vs 85mm vs 135mm Lens on a Crop Frame Camera

It's prime time again with photographer Julia Trotti! Following up on a recent popular photography video where Trotti compared how portraits look when shot with 24mm vs 35mm vs 50mm vs 85mm vs 135mm prime lenses on a full frame camera, Trotti is back with a new comparison test where she shoots the same lenses but this time on a crop frame camera.

But first off, if you're not sure what the differences are between full frame and crop frame sensor cameras are, watch this video Trotti released recently explaining that. Now on to her new prime lens portrait comparison challenge!

"After doing my all primes comparison on full frame, doing the same thing on crop frame was highly requested from you guys - so here it is," Trotti says "Just so it wouldn’t look the same as the last video, I also took the same photo standing in the same spot on full frame so we can see the differences in crop factor of the Canon 7D Mark II as well."

Check it out below as she once again teams up with her lovely model Mahalia to shoot a fresh round of portraits comparing these primes on her crop frame DSLR. Then go visit and subscribe to Trotti's YouTube channel for more great photography videos.