Here's an Easy Way to Nail White Balance in Your Photos: Scott Kelby Tip (Shutterbug Video)

Getting the right white balance in your photos is a lot easier than you think. In the below video for Shutterbug, photographer and Photoshop guru Scott Kelby shares a simple tip on how to nail white balance, even in sticky lighting situations.

"What is a sticky white balance situation?" Kelby asks. "Let's say you're shooting in a mixed lighting situation where maybe there's tungsten lighting but there's also a window there, so you're mixing natural light and tungsten. Or natural light and florescent, or the worst, florescent and tungsten. It happens."

So how do you make sure you've got good looking skintones in portraits with that kind of tough lighting? Watch Kelby's video below where he shares his white balance tips and then go try them out today.

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