Here's a Common Photography Mistake: Shooting Everything from the Same Height (VIDEO)

Do all your photos have a certain sameness to them? That could simply be because you're shooting everything – portraits, landscapes, action – from the same height.

For most people, photographing everything from the same height means at eye-level. But if you want to give your photos a more interesting new look, you should seriously consider mixing up your shooting heights, explains photographer Gavin Hoey in the below video for Adorama TV.

In the clip, Hoey shows you how photographers who get higher up or lower down than their models, can radically change the look and emphasis of a portrait. Low level shots can change the background and emphasize the foreground, while high shots can be framed to completely remove the background that you see when shooting at eye height, Hoey notes.

After he shares his photography tips in the video, Hoey goes on to try out all three shooting heights while taking portraits in a field of flowers as examples.

Check it out and then go visit Adorama TV for more helpful photography videos.