Here Are 9 Great Composition Tips for Better Landscape Photography (VIDEO)

Pro photographer Toma Bonciu (AKA Photo Tom) is back with some more landscape photography tips, this time centering on the ever-popular topic of composition.

In the below video, you can find Photo Tom’s 9 tips and rules of composition for better landscape photography. For each of his 9 tips, Photo Tom shares three of his own photos to illustrate the concept and further discuss it.

Here’s a rundown of the nine composition tips Photo Tom covers in the below video. Each tip is discussed in depth using visual markups of his photos to help make his points.

1. Fill the Frame

2. Center

3. Color

4. Negative Space

5. Leading Lines

6. Left to Right

7. Depth

8. Viewpoint

9. Zig Zag

You can see a list of many of the landscape and nature photography tutorials we have featured from Photo Tom here. You should also definitely check out his excellent YouTube channel.

Via ISO 1200