Here Are 5 Ways to Get Better Contrast in Your Landscape Photos So They Pop (VIDEO)

There are many things that go into making a great landscape photo, but photographer Mark Denney says one particular factor is most important to him. Is it lighting? Color? Composition?

While all those things are key to great landscape photography, Denney values contrast above all else.

"Someone asked me recently what I thought was the single most important aspect in photo editing," Denney says. "A tough, but great question that I'm not certain has a correct answer, but I'd have to say that contrast is the single most important part of photo editing in my opinion. After much consideration, I could not come up with a single aspect of post processing that impacted as many different things as contrast does and I figured, maybe contrast really is king!"

In the below video, Denney suggests five different ways you can apply contrast to your landscape photos using Lightroom.

"Adding contrast can be a bit tricky sometimes, but having multiple ways to apply it to your landscape photos certainly helps with the different results you can achieve," he notes. "Some of the available tools within Lightroom to add contrast are basic and simple to use and others require a bit more finesse and practice, such as the tone curve. Using the tone curve to add contrast to your photos can be intimidating at first, but with a little practice it's a super simple yet extremely powerful photo editing tool."

Watch the video where Denney walks you through his five tips for adding contrast to your photos, then hop on over to his YouTube channel where he's sharing many other helpful photography tutorials.