Here Are 5 Fun Camera Hacks That Will Save You Money and Improve Your Photography (VIDEO)

DIY photography projects are not only a lot of fun, they can also save you some serious cash that's better spent on stuff you can’t make yourself. In the video below you’ll learn five quick camera hacks that are very easy to accomplish.

These tips come from self-taught professional adventure photographer Benjamin Jaworskyj who says he’s dedicated to helping others learn from his mistakes. In this three-minute video he demonstrates how to make a beauty-dish reflector using nothing more than a plastic cake dish, some tape, wire and sandpaper, and a bit of white paint.

The other hacks you’ll see include a DIY macro lens, a tip for using your computer monitor as a bokeh background, a homemade bokeh filter, and a DIY bean bag camera support. So watch the video, have some fun, and be sure to look at our earlier story with seven more helpful hacks using common household items. You can find more videos from Jaworskyj on his YouTube channel