Here’s How to Use Reflected Light to Shoot Outdoor Photographs with Impact (VIDEO)

The eye-opening video below is the latest in a series of tutorials by a British pro, demonstrating how to recognize good light and use it to create dynamic imagery. In this episode, photographer Sean Tucker explains how to use reflected light when shooting on the street.

Based in London, Tucker often uses inexpensive gear, and says that he’s more interested in the “why” of photography than the “how.” According to Tucker, “A photographer who really ‘sees,’ but has a cheap camera, will produce better images than a photographer with the best gear and no vision.”

In this 11-minute tutorial, you’ll watch Tucker shooting on the streets of London, using reflected light to emphasize shadows and highlights in a scene. Tucker makes the most of interesting light, not only to expose his images in a unique way, but as a powerful compositional tool. You’ll then see him cull and edit the photos for a very evocative result..

Big cities are resplendent with glass and steel surfaces that cast interesting reflections across the urban landscape. All you have to do is walk around, open your eyes, and take advantage of the tips Tucker provides. His goal is to help you recognize good light, and inspire you to take advantage of highlights and shadows during all your outdoor photo excursions.

You can find more shooting tips on Tucker’s YouTube channel. And we encourage you to watch an earlier video of his, explaining how to deal with Internet trolls who diss your images.