Here’s How to Shoot Dramatic Long Exposure Photos Using a 10X Neutral Density Filter (VIDEO)

One challenge when shooting outdoors on a bright day is achieving an exposure long enough to create a dreamy look when photographing water, clouds, and other slowly moving subjects. In this tutorial, you’ll learn why one pro says, “A 10X neutral density (ND) filter is the perfect tool for extending exposure time and creating amazing photos.”

In the video below, you’ll see pro Gavin Hoey make some beautiful images in Venice while shooting from a balcony overlooking the Grand Canal. He explains how a 10X ND filter makes moving objects appear “lovely and blurry,” while static subjects remain sharp.

Since ND filters are available in varying strengths, you’re probably wondering why Hoey prefers to use those of the powerful 10X variety. As he explains, 10X filters make exposure calculations simple. Otherwise, the math gets rather complicated.

You can think of an ND filter as a pair of sunglasses for your camera, and a bit of planning is necessary for optimum results. To that end, Hoey explains how to arrive at what he calls the “magic shutter speed of 1/30 second,” and why it’s best to support your camera with a tripod and use either a remote triggering device or your camera’s self timer to make the shot.

You’ll also pick up valuable tips on composition and learn how to select the proper white balance setting to avoid color shifts that are common with long exposure photography.

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