Here’s How to Shoot and Edit Photographs Like Instagram Star Brandon Woelfel (VIDEO)

New York photographer Brandon Woelfel is a force to be reckoned with on Instagram, with a unique shooting style and over a million followers. Last week we shared a free Lightroom preset to give your images the “Brandon Woelfel Effect,” and in the video below you’ll learn how to mimic his style in camera.

While most of us prefer to develop our own photographic style, this tutorial from Mango Street is sort of cool and provides a jumping off point for you to modify the techniques described to create other effects that are uniquely yours. The video also includes some editing tips to refine your results.

This five-minute tutorial discusses lens choice and the reason for shooting wide open in low light for a shallow depth of field. You’ll also learn to employ “fairy lights” and simple reflectors, and how Woelfel uses outdoor neon signs to give his images a distinctive, colorful glow.

There are more tips and tricks on the Mango Street YouTube channel, and be sure to look at our recent article explaining how to give your images the Woelfel style with a free Lightroom preset.

You can explore Woelfel’s work on his Instagram page, and be sure to follow us on Instagram at @shutterbugpix where we’re sharing our favorite photos from our followers.