Here’s How to Separate Your Model from the Background for More Dynamic Portraits (VIDEO)

Manny Ortiz is a Chicago-based photographer who also offers helpful tutorials on portraiture and wedding photography techniques. In the quick and straightforward video below, you’ll learn three easy ways to use backlighting for more pleasing portraits.

The concept behind Ortiz’ approach is that portraits will be more dynamic if you separate the subject from the background. To do this, he shows how to light the background separately, add a rim light to highlight one side of the model, and use two additional rim lights—one on either side of the subject.

If all this sounds pretty simple, it is. But it’s also very effective. You can find more about Ortiz on his website and view more tutorials on his YouTube channel. And be sure to take a look at our earlier video in which Ortiz offers 10 tips for posing a model.

Via PetaPixel