Here’s How to Go from Auto to Manual Photography in Just 3 Minutes (VIDEO)

There’s an old saying that you’re not a “real photographer” until you switch the camera’s mode dial from Auto to Manual. While we think that notion is somewhat overblown, there are definitely advantages to manual photography.

In this three-minute tutorial from pro John Greengo, you’ll learn the basics of shooting in Manual mode, and how this approach can improve your results. Greengo is an award-winning outdoor photographer, with an expert understanding of the artistic and technical aspects of his craft.

Greengo explains how to take control of your camera by setting ISO, shutter speed, and aperture yourself. He says that mastering the technical basics of these camera settings will “bring your creative vision to life.”

In our view, the only thing that determines if you are a “real photographer” is the quality of your images. But if you currently shoot in one of your camera’s Auto modes, the tips in this video may help you capture photos that are better than ever.

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