Here’s the Easiest Way to Shoot & Stitch Panorama Photos with a Simple Lightroom Secret (VIDEO)

Have you ever wanted to give panorama photography a try, but feared you lacked the necessary gear or image-editing expertise? Well fear not, because the following tutorial demonstrates an easy way to get the job done with the equipment you own and a simple Lightroom secret.

Nigel Danson is a British landscape photographer/instructor, known for beautiful images and helpful tips and techniques. In the video below, he explains how he creates incredible 100-megapixel panorama images while shooting handheld and using a simple post-processing stitching technique.

By following Danson’s advice, it’s possible to capture amazing detail you never thought possible by merging several images. And best yet, this approach isn’t limited to panorama images and is equally effective with conventional photographs.

Danson begins by explaining the importance of an affordable leveling head for your tripod, before moving on to describe his approach to shooting in the field. He offers a number of composition and exposure tips, and demonstrates how to bracket your shots so you have everything you need. You’ll also see how to shoot in portrait mode, while properly overlapping multiple photos for ease in processing.

As you’ll see, Danson’s Lightroom secret is incredibly easy and effective when you’ve overlapped your photos by at least 30%. So watch the video, grab your camera, and get out there and amaze yourself.

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