Here’s Another Reason Not to Shoot Selfies: They Make Your Nose Look HUGE! (VIDEO)

Not that any of us need a reason to avoid shooting selfies, but this humorous video provides a good one: Selfies make your nose look HUGE!

I’m proud of my elongated “Roman nose,” but I certainly don’t need it to appear any larger, which is why I use a camera on a tripod, rather than a smartphone in an outstretched arm, when shooting self-portraits.

Regardless of the size of your nose, we’d advise watching the funny two-minute clip below, to learn how selfies distort facial features and make you look weird. It may seem hard to believe, but according to the folks at Vox, selfies can make people feel bad about their appearance, and even drive them to get nose jobs.

You’ll see how portraits appear when photographed from different distances, and how a nose looks 30% larger in a photo shot from one-foot away, as compared to another made from five feet. That’s because, when shot from close distances, the parts of your face nearest the camera appear larger than they really are.

So the next time you need a self-portrait, leave the smartphone in your pocket, and read our earlier tutorial on how to do the job properly. You can thank us later!