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George Schaub

127 Roll Film Source
You should check out this website for 127 roll film:
Harold Noonan
via Internet

A. Thanks for the suggestion. I looked over this website and saw they also offer 126 Instamatic and Minox films in addition to both black and white and color slide film in the 127 roll format. We will pass this on to the readers, as I had not heard of this old film source before. I'm sure a number of readers will be pleased to learn of this website resource.

Rewind Problems
Q. I own a Minolta Maxxum 7000. I have trouble taking out the film--it doesn't rewind. I changed the batteries, but am still unable to get out the film. Can you help me?
Ahmad Tabalvandani
via Internet

A. I assume you mean the automatic rewind does not start when you get to the end of a roll of film. If so, I have two suggestions. Have you checked the battery contacts at each end to be sure it is powering up the camera? If the LCD lights, the battery contacts should be OK. What about using the mid-roll rewind function? There should be a recessed rewind button on the body somewhere. It will allow you to start the power film rewind anytime before the film reaches the end of the roll. Just press in on this tiny button with your thumbnail and the rewind should start. On my slightly newer Maxxum 8000i it is one of the several buttons located under the hinged door on the right end of the body. Hope one of these ideas works for you.

Values Requested
Q. I have a 420 Polaroid Automatic Land camera and a 40 Revere Model 4-D magazine cine camera. I wish to know if either or both are worth anything.
Betty Moudry
Rock Island, IL

A. My prime pricing reference book shows the folding bellows Polaroid Automatic 420 camera of 1971 has a current value of $1-$10. I could not find the Revere model 4-D listed in any of six different reference books. There was a 16mm magazine Revere, but not with the model number you provided. Truthfully, very few movie cameras are listed in these reference books because, in general, old 8mm, Super 8, and even 16mm cine cameras have very little value today. Sorry that there is not better news about your old photo equipment.

Super Pilot Repair
Q. My old Gossen Super Pilot SBC needs repair. Who can you recommend for this type of service? And by the way, this particular service of yours is quite valuable--thanks!
Rick Matson
via Internet

A. I just spoke with my contact at Bogen, the firm that currently imports Gossen meters. They tell me that some parts are still available to repair your old Super Pilot SBC meter. You can reach them at: Bogen Imaging Inc., 565 East Crescent Ave., Ramsey, NJ 07446; (201) 818-0060 (the direct number for their repair department); or look under service and repair on their website at: It is suggested that you call first before shipping the meter to them to determine if parts are still offered for your particular service needs. Thanks for your kind comments about our HELP! service.

Kodak Gear Values
Q. I have two pieces of Kodak equipment that I have had for over 40 years. The first is a Kodak Cine camera, Scopemeter model, with a turret and f/1.9 lens, made in Toronto by Canadian Kodak Co. Ltd. It is complete with leather case and includes the instruction book. The second item is a Kodak Instamatic 300 camera in a leather case. The only number is 176921, which may be a serial number. If either of these items have any value, please let me know. Both are still in working order.
Vince Dutcher
Murray Corner
New Brunswick, Canada