Have Fun Making Unique Portraits with These Creative Tips & Tricks (VIDEO)

One way to have fun with photography and get the creative juices flowing is to step out of your comfort zone and do things a bit differently. The quick tutorial below will help you do just that by offering a variety of fun tips and tricks for shooting portraits.

The video comes to us from the Cooperative of Photography (COOPH), a great source of how-to information as well as interesting accessories for photographers. In less than five minutes this tutorial reveals a variety of creative portraiture techniques and explains how to make some inexpensive gifts from your images.

You may even want to jot down some notes because even though this video is quick, it covers a lot of territory from exposure, lighting and focus techniques, to playing with reflections and perspective to get some unique effects.

You can find more videos on the COOPH YouTube channel, and be sure to check out yesterday’s tutorial on brightening eyes in Photoshop.