Great Photos of the Moon Are Only 2 Minutes Away with This Simple Animated Tutorial (VIDEO)

One reason tutorials from photographer Vincent Ledvina are so fascinating, is that he uses his animation skills to make camera settings and shooting techniques understandable—usually in two minutes or less. In his new video below, the Minnesota-based photo instructor explains how to make enchanting photographs of the moon.

Lunar photography can be a challenging task, and many photographers assume that specialized equipment is essential. But whether you’re interested in photographing the next eclipse or “super moon,” or you just want to include a lunar glow in landscape photos, this two-minute tutorial simplifies the process.

Ledvina discusses the importance of telephoto lenses, and illustrates the results you can expect with different focal lengths. He notes that you can save a few bucks by purchasing a teleconverter, rather than buying an expensive super-telephoto lens, and that a sturdy tripod is essential.

You’ll also learn the best metering modes to use, as well as the proper way to set aperture, shutter speed and ISO to capture photos in which the moon doesn’t simply appear as “a bright white blob.” There are also important composition tips that will improve your results. The moon is always up there, so watch the video and start shooting!

There are more great animated tutorials on the Apalapse YouTube channel. And be sure to take a look at Ledvina’s earlier episode, explaining how to use focus stacking to achieve maximum depth of field.