Full Frame: The Story Behind the Image

©Paul Reiffer

Fog City
Every photographer has that one image they’ve always wanted to capture but just can’t pull off. For Paul Reiffer, it was a photo of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge in the fog that he had been trying to shoot for over nine years.

“Following years and years of chasing up to the lookout point at sunrise and sunset every day I’ve been in the city—and that’s a lot since 2006!—finally one afternoon I was presented with the perfect mix of soft light and streaming fog across the Golden Gate,” Reiffer tell us. “With tankers lurking below, blowing their horns at each other in zero visibility, I had just enough time to capture this long exposure before the moisture burned off once more to reveal a perfectly sunny day.”

The image, which he shot in 2015, is a 30-second exposure captured with a Phase One XF medium format camera system and an IQ280 digital back with a 28mm lens at f/25, ISO 35 with a soft GND8 (three-stop) filter plus a solid ND64 (six-stop) filter.

See a larger version of the image here.

See more of Reiffer’s work at paulreiffer.com, facebook.com/paulreiffer, and instagram.com/paulreiffer.