Full Frame: The Story Behind the Image


© Andrei Duman

Skye High
The Isle of Skye in Scotland is a location that had been on photographer Andrei Duman’s “bucket list” for a long time. “It is rugged, remote, with unpredictable weather and stunning scenery,” Duman says. “The roads are few and far between and with them being very winding through the countryside, it is full of stop-starts, especially when the sheep decide to cross.”

When Duman got to this particular spot, which overlooks the Neist Point Lighthouse, he wanted to do something more than just simply get the shot. “I wanted to do something different from all the other shots that I had seen. I found the best time was very early in the morning when you’re trying to catch the sunrise as it is enveloping the top of the cliff and the lighthouse.”

You can see a larger version of Duman's Isle of Skye photo here.

He captured this image with a Canon EOS 5DS R DSLR and an EF 11-24mm f/4L USM lens at f/7.1, 1/25 second, ISO 50. It’s typically very windy at this spot, so much so that it’s difficult to use a tripod. But in Duman’s case the wind had died down, which brought with it another obstacle.

“The entire cliff top area was filled with flies and mosquitos. It was so bad that I had to use a spare T-shirt to cover my face.” The payoff was clearly worth it as this incredible image shows. See more of Duman’s work at andreiduman.com.