Four Weird Lenses For Under $30 You Should Try (VIDEO)

Here’s a little something for those of you who can’t afford the new $6000 Leica M-D: Four quirky lenses you can get for under 30 bucks from Weird Lens Guru Mathieu Stern, whose passion is discovering odd optics for capturing both still images and video. In the below video, Stern describes a quartet of lenses you can get for less than the cost of two decent cocktails in Paris.

First, there’s the 35mm Fujian (not to be confused with Fujinon) CCTV lens that delivers some sensational swirly bokeh on the cheap. We discovered quite a few of these gems on eBay. Next is an unidentified pinhole lens Stern says “will take you back to the basics of photography.”

Numbers three and four on the two-cocktail list both come from Holga; a cheap, plastic 25mm affair that gives your images a “distinct look” (plenty on eBay), and a fisheye accessory (available from B&H Photo/Video) for $27.99 that slips over your Holga lens for a crazy 170° field­-of­-view.