Filmmaker John Downer Uses Animal Robots with Spy Cams to Capture Amazing Wildlife Footage (VIDEO)

British filmmaker John Downer has been capturing amazing footage of wildlife for years, but now he and his team at John Downer Productions have upped their game with the use of realistic robotic animals fitted with built-in spy cameras. As you can see from the video below it's all pretty amazing.

What makes Downer’s mechanical menagerie so interesting is that the camera-toting robots capture footage from the perspective of the animals being filmed—bringing viewers into the world of animals’ lives as never before.

Over the years Downer has received numerous international rewards for his unique and ever-evolving methods for filming wildlife. His new robotic approach is just one of those pioneering techniques that eventually become commonplace in filmmaking.

This video comes to us from the Great Big Story YouTube channel where you can find more content about creative people doing amazing things. And be sure to watch our recent tutorial explaining how to capture great wildlife photos by not making common mistakes.