Eye Popping Portrait Lighting Hacks YOU Can Do in Just 3 Minutes (VIDEO)

Everyone loves photo hacks, especially when it comes to lighting techniques that some photographers find confusing. If that sounds like you, keep reading because you’ll see how to easily create eye-popping portraits in less time that it takes to read this piece.

Portrait pro Manny Ortiz has over half a million YouTube subscribers who appreciate his easy-to-follow tutorials that deliver big results. You’ll feel the same after watching the video below, and your portrait photos may never be the same. Using his beautiful wife and model Diana as the subject for this behind-the scenes New Years Eve shoot, Ortiz opens up his bag of tricks to reveal some creative lighting hacks you’ll want to try ASAP.

Ortiz’ goal was to create a disco party vibe for his shoot, so he picked up a disco ball and an affordable $70 disco light used by DJs to spray the background with designs. You’ll see the simple manner in which Ortiz lights his model, and how a few quick tweaks can really improve the results.

There are several great posing tips in the video, as Ortiz shoots a variety of images with a soft, retro look. You’ll also pick up advice on exposure settings and composition, and dealing with reflections that will prove helpful for all types of portrait photographs.

This quick video is more about creativity than technical considerations, but, as with all of Ortiz’ tutorials, you’ll get a hefty dose of both. So take a look, and have some fun with everything you learn.

There are more helpful tips on Ortiz’ YouTube channel, and in in our recent video on using natural light for beautiful, moody portraits.