Everything You Need to Know to Capture a Stunning Sunset & Enhance the Image in Lightroom (VIDEO)

Everyone loves photographing a beautiful sunset, but sometimes our results don’t quite convey the epic scene we attempted to capture. In this detailed tutorial, Andrew Marr tells you everything you need to know about capturing a great shot, and processing the image in Lightroom for a realistic, gorgeous result.

Based in Perth, Australia, Marr is a landscape photographer with a love of exploration. The thorough tutorial below covers composition, metering, filter use, and the importance of modifying your settings as the fading light changes.

He also offers some of the post-processing tricks and effects he uses in Lightroom to enhance the quality of a photograph while retaining a natural look to the shot by slowly “building” the image with subtle adjustments.

With Marr’s advice, your next sunset shot is sure to be as beautiful as the scene you witnessed. You can see more great landscape imagery on Marr's website