Enjoying Life

My husband and I have a Texas peach tree in our backyard that in the spring covers itself with pink flowers during a brief two-week period. When this happens we are literally surrounded with all kinds of insects flying all over the place, getting intoxicated on the sweet nectar of the flowers. It is one of those spectacles of nature that we look forward to witnessing every year.

This year, we were not disappointed. Bees and butterflies were sharing their bounty of pink flowers, paying little to no attention to me or my camera, which gave me ample opportunity to get ready and shoot. One of my treasures is this photo, as I was able to capture a magical moment of a bee just enjoying her life.
—Marisa Bascope
Burnet, TX

Technical Info: Photo taken with a Canon EOS 7D and a Canon 28-105mm lens. Exposure was f/16 at 1⁄250 sec.
© Marisa Bascope

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