Download This Free Shutter Speed "Cheat Sheet" Chart from

Shutter speed is one of the key elements in the so-called Exposure Triangle (Aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed) that every photographer should be familiar with. But along with helping you to capture well-exposed photographs, shutter speed plays an artistic role in photography as well.

Depending on whether you want your images super sharp or creatively blurred, selecting the right shutter speed is crucial. But remembering which shutter speed setting does what to your images can be confusing, even for seasoned photographers.

That why we love a free downloadable shutter speed “cheat sheet” created by the Photo Traces travel photography blog. The chart, which you can download here for free as a PDF file, uses clear numbers, icons, and sample images to explain how the various shutter speeds affect photography.

Once you download the chart, you should read this story on Photo Traces, which explains the meaning behind the various icons, symbols and pictures. Happy shooting!

Via Photo Traces