Don't Follow These 9 BAD Photography Tips, According to Photographer James Popsys (VIDEO)

Usually on Shutterbug we share photo tips you should try out to improve your photography. But here's an interesting switch: in the below video, photographer James Popsys points out nine bad photography tips that you might have heard again and again, but you really should ignore.

"Photography tips are everywhere," Popsys complains. "How to use your camera better, how to compose and edit your photos, it's endless. It's not all good advice though, in my opinion, and in this video, I go through the worst advice I've ever received."

The interesting thing about the nine "bad" photography tips that Popsys shares in the video is that many photographers might interpret them as good tips, or at least things they've been told are established truths in the photography world. Not so, says Popsys, who explains why the following conventional wisdowm is actually bad advice:

#1 Always Shoot Wide Open

#2 Pick a Style

#3 Always Use a Tripod

#4 You Need to Use Filters

#5 You Need Expensive Cards

#6 Nail Your Focal Length

#7 Only Shoot in the Golden Hour

#8 Always Shoot Raw

#9 Sensors Are Everything

To summarize, Popsys is saying that photography "rules" are made to be broken and he explains why in the below video, which we first saw on DIY Photography. Watch more of Popsys' videos on his YouTube channel.