Don't Fear Harsh Light! Here's How to Shoot Great Portraits in Noonday Sun (VIDEO)

Los Angeles-based boudoir photographer Michael Sasser is here to dispel a myth. While it's certainly not ideal, you can shoot flattering portraits in harsh sunlight.

"Noon is the worst. But what if you have to shoot in that light?" Sasser says. "I've got a few tips for shooting with harsh light in this tutorial. This isn't exactly boudoir photography and you can use these tricks in really any type of portraiture."

Watch the below video where Sasser heads to the beach in Hawaii with model Chelesa to show you how to use the difficult light to your advantage when shooting at high noon. Here are his five tips for shooting in harsh sunlight:

#1 Don't do it

#2 Back to the sun

#3 Use it, don't fight it

#3 Use a scrim

#5 Find some shade

After Sasser demonstrates the tips while photographing Chelesa on the beach, he goes into his studio to work on the images in Lightroom in a segment called "Let's Edit a Picture." In this segment, he shows you how he makes his edits on the photos so you can follow along and try Sasser's techniques (and his own Lightroom presets) on your own.

Check out the video below and then go swing over to Sasser's YouTube channel for more helpful photography tutorials.