Don’t Botch Your Landscape Photographs with These Common Mistakes (VIDEO)

The tips we post typically involves practical techniques you can employ to achieve better photographs. The tutorial below is a bit different, as it reveals a handful of common mistakes to avoid if you want to capture images that truly impress.

Toma Bonciu is a Romanian nature/travel photographer and one of our favorite instructors. Whether you’re an experienced shooter or just getting started, you’ll benefit from the video below, as he illustrates five landscape photography mistakes that can really hold you back.

Bonciu begins with what he says is the biggest flub he had to avoid while evolving as a photographer; namely, not realizing the most compelling portion of the scene before his eyes. The point is that landscapes tend to be very complicated, and it requires a trained eye and plenty of practice to know what lens to choose and how to frame a scene properly for maximum impact. And Bonciu offers expert advice for helping you do just that.

Other tips in the video often work against one another, and require thoughtful compromise to get the best results. One mistake common to beginners, for example, is trying to include everything in the photo. Conversely, another mistake is not telling “the whole story” and failing to present the entire context of the subject.

Bonciu also illustrates the importance of paying attention to nature’s small details, and avoiding the temptation of only looking for expansive views. So do yourself a favor and watch this quick, six-minute video for complete details on these and other tips that will make you a better landscape photographer.

There’s plenty more to learn about landscape photography on Bonciu’s YouTube channel. And don’t miss our recent story demonstrating how to shoot great nature photos in bad weather.