Do You Make These 5 Common Landscape Photography Mistakes? (VIDEO)

Live and learn. That's as good a motto for photography as it is for life. The point is, you're going to make a few mistakes as a photographer. You just need to have the good sense to correct them and this can be done by taking the advice of photo educators like Toma Bonciu, aka Photo Tom.

In the below tutorial, Bonciu shares five mistakes that many landscape photographers make and how to fix them.

"We all make mistakes in our photography, no matter how much of a beginner or advanced we are as photographers. It's normal. It's natural. It shows that you are human," Bonciu says. "But are you making these five specific mistakes I'm going to speak about in the next few minutes?"

Here are the mistakes, along with his tips for taking better landscape photos. Guilty of any of these?

#1 Too many elements in a photo

#2 Lack of strong composition

#3 Poor understanding of light

#4 Close-ups of elements that are not interesting

#5 Not using a polarizer in fog or diffuse light

#6 (BONUS): Choose a forest worth photographing

It should be noted that Bonciu explains his tips while shooting forest photography, but they could apply to general landscape shooting as well. Check out more great tutorials on his YouTube channel.