Do You Love Your Camera? Then Watch These 7 Great Tips on How to Properly Take Care of It

With Valentine’s Day coming up tomorrow, the folks at COOPH have one question for you: how much do you love your camera? If your answer is “a lot,” then they’ve got some great tips below on “how to care for your beloved camera.”

“At COOPH, as a special video this Valentine’s Day, we wanted to share with you the secret to a long lasting and healthy relationship with your loved one,” COOPH says, a bit tongue in cheek.  

“That’s right - we are totally in love with our cameras! In our latest video, we show you how you can care for your camera at home. From correctly cleaning the sensor, to swapping lenses and using protective filters.”

In the below video tutorial, which mixes comedy with handy advice, COOPH presents seven helpful tips on how to keep you camera clean and working well so you can continue to shoot beautiful photos for many years to come.

Here are the seven tips they discuss in the video. If you truly love your camera, we hope you, ahem, take them to heart!

#1 Proper Cleaning

#2 Lens Swapping

#3 The UV Filter

#4 The Hand Stamp

#5 The Lens Hood

#6 The Dry Bag

#7 The Dust Blocker

Check it out and then go visit COOPH’s YouTube channel for more awesome photography videos. To keep your images looking clean and sharp, you should also watch this video explaining a special three-step process for cleaning your camera’s sensor.