Covering The Photo Beat: Backdrops

In this month’s Roundup we offer an introduction to a sampling of backdrop companies with products ranging from cloth to paper to virtual. Space prohibits us from covering their often extensive product lines, so we encourage you to follow up by contacting them directly. Many offer online as well as printed catalogs.—Editor


Candy Sticks & Platinum Cloth Backdrops
Candy Sticks are unique peel and stick backdrops that are easy to apply to a wall or floor. Measuring 5x7’, various styles are available or you can create a custom backdrop using your own image. Platinum Cloth backdrops are computer printed on wrinkle-free muslin-like fabric. Washer and dryer safe, they are available in 5x6’, 6x8’, 8x10’, 10x10’, and 10x20’ sizes.

Contact: Backdrop Outlet, (800) 466-1755; and

Bad Sass Backdrops
Bad Sass offers glare-free 100 percent canvas backdrops. Size choices include 5x4’, 5x6’, 5x8’, and 5x10’. The versatile Split and Tri Split canvas backdrops can be flipped from one design to the other or can contain floor and wall designs. There are over 225 designs from which to choose.

Contact: Bad Sass Backdrops, Inc., (216) 577-1969;

Barbour Backdrops
These durable canvas backdrops are handcrafted using a combination of pliable plasters and glazes, providing them with rich texture and depth. A variety of designs and custom sizes are available.

Contact: Barbour Backdrops, (877) 318-4777; and

Denny Manufacturing Freedom Cloth Backdrops
Denny Manufacturing revolutionized the photographic industry with the introduction of  "Freedom Cloth" backdrop material! There are hundreds of designs ranging from Abstract, Retro, Grunge, Scenic, Sports, and much more available! This backdrop material is Wrinkle-Free, Machine Washable, Color Fast, Dryer/Steamer Safe, Vibrant Color rendition that pops, Durable, Rip Resistant and hangs without sagging in the center!

For more information and to view designs available, see;, or call 1-800-844-5616.

Orange Peel Backgrounds
These innovative backgrounds feature peel and stick panels that you can adhere or pin to various types of surfaces, including walls and floors. They are durable, lightweight, waterproof, and scratch resistant. Two-panel backgrounds measure 7x8’ and three-panel backgrounds measure 10.5x8’. Prices start at just $129.

Contact: Orange Peel Backgrounds, (605) 886-8858; and

Hand-Painted Muslin Scenics
Owen’s Originals offers hand-painted muslin scenic backdrops of the highest quality. Each backdrop is created with the use of high-quality paints by skilled artists. A variety of sizes and styles are available.

Contact: Owen’s Originals Inc., (800) 767-3122;

Photobacks Digital Backdrops
When used with any digital photo these digital backdrops offer realistic, natural-looking results. Photobacks offers a wide variety of high-resolution digital backdrop collections with choices that range from grunge to weddings, scenics, holidays, and seniors. Prices start at just $14.95. Templates and video tutorials are also available. For Shutterbug reader specials and free downloads, visit

Contact: Photobacks, (760) 766-3339; and

Photo Pie
This company provides hundreds of realistic looking and distinctive backdrops along with a wide selection of supplies and costumes. Photo Pie’s in-depth and creative tutorial videos allow you to easily sharpen your skills.

Contact: Photo Pie, (888) 702-9550;

Digital Photography Kit
Created for in-home or on-location use, the Digital Photography Kit is durable, convenient, compact, and versatile. It includes a 5x6’ collapsible and reversible green screen backdrop, an aluminum background stand, 120 digital backgrounds, and a trial version of Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Contact: Savage Universal Corporation, (800) 624-8891;

Colorsmack Backdrops
Colorsmack backdrops are crafted from soft, heavyweight, wrinkle-free, washable material that is ideal for use indoors or outdoors. Affordable and available in a wide variety of designs, these backdrops feature touch fasteners for use with studio speed racks. Size choices include 5x7’ and 8x8’.

Contact: Silverlake Photo Accessories, (888) 252-5788;

Simply Canvas Backdrops
These 100 percent canvas backdrops are sprayed with a UV matte coating to prevent glare. They are available in single, twin, or triplet drop sizes that let you choose up to three designs on the same backdrop. Some offer a “digital” wood molding option to separate designs or create the illusion of a floor to wall look. There are over 150 designs from which to choose.

Contact: Simply Color Lab, (877) 803-6366;

Superior Seamless
Background Papers Environmentally friendly, these papers are 100 percent recyclable, produced from hydro power, and guaranteed to be elemental chlorine free. Created to produce vibrant color with a non-reflective wrinkle-resistant surface, they come in sizes that include 53”x36’, 107”x36’, and 107”x165’ in a wide range of color choices.

Contact: Superior Specialties, Inc., (800) 666-2545;

Virtual Backgrounds VB Express
VB Express is a virtual system that offers an infinite variety of backdrops in the studio or on location. This is not the green screen method. The photographer is able to view the background live in the camera’s viewfinder and when the shutter is pressed both the subject and the background are recorded and available for instant viewing without the use of software. According to the company, this system gives the photographer total control over size, focus, brightness, and color, plus the ability to change backgrounds in seconds.

Contact: Virtual Backgrounds, (512) 805-4844;

Backdrops By WHCC
Backdrops by WHCC are printed on durable, wrinkle-free 100 percent polyester fabric. Created to appeal to every client, from high school seniors to families, the backdrops come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Sizes include 6x8’ and 10x8’ and prices start at $175.

Contact: Backdrops by WHCC, (866) 235-7594;