COMPLETE Beginners Guide to MACRO Photography (VIDEO)

In case you haven’t checked the calendar recently you can kiss winter goodbye, because spring officially begins Sunday. And that means it’s time to dust off a macro lens and bone up on your skills.

Macro photography can be pursued year-round, even in winter when subjects like intricate snowflakes can make beautiful photos. But spring is when serious photographers really get busy, with budding plants, interesting insects, and colorful flowers just about everywhere you look.

If you need a bit of help with this type of photography, look no further than the beginners guide below, which provides everything you need to know. At just under 30 minutes, this tutorial is a bit longer than most, so you may want to take a few notes. And don’t be fooled by the term “beginners” in the headline, because after watching this episode you’ll be able to make macro shots with the best of them.

British outdoor photographer Micael Widell is a macro specialist, with a portfolio of stunning close-up images. Today he explains how to emulate his work using simple techniques. If you don’t already own a macro lens, Widell lists his favorite budget lenses in the description beneath the video.

Widell covers a wide range of topics in this comprehensive explainer, from the simple gear necessary and proper camera settings, to composition, finding the right light, and important technical matters like depth of field. He also has a few great tips on the best time of day to shoot, and how to locate subjects for impressive macro images.

The tutorial kicks off with a clear definition of macro photography, and then the fun begins. Widell provides more than a little inspiration by illustrating the tips with his breathtaking images.

You can find more outdoor photography advice on Widell’s YouTube channel, including a few advanced macro tutorials, so be sure and pay a visit.

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