Here's One Way to Make Your Photos Better: Add Mood & Feeling in These Simple Steps (VIDEO)

Many of the tutorials we share involve technical aspects of photography like lighting, image editing, exposure calculations and other objective topics. The video below is more subjective in nature, in that it explores how the ability to capture a variety of moods can make a big difference in your portraiture.

This video comes from the folks at Mango Street and explores ways to direct a model so that she expresses a range of feelings from heartbreak, weakness, and innocence, to strength, frustration and anger.

This unique approach not only involves verbal cues, but camera angle, location, and wardrobe. The essence of this form of portraiture is to conceptualize an idea that inspires you and tells a story by getting both you and your model to “feel something.”

All this may seem a bit different, but watch the video and give it a shot. You can find other tips and tricks on the Mango Street YouTube channel. And if you missed their earlier video we shared with more advice on becoming a better visual storyteller, be sure to take a look.