You Can Now Have Your Photos Printed on Top of Your Coffee

What's the latest buzz in photo printing? Meet the Ripple Maker, an innovative new device that  customizes a cup of coffee by "printing" photos on top of the coffee foam. This isn’t a coffee maker; it doesn’t brew the coffee, it simply uses tiny coffee bean drops to color the white cream foam on the surface of the coffee to create the images in just a few seconds—and without affecting the taste of the drink. Check out the video below to see the Ripple Maker in action.

The innovative printing system (it also produces coffee foam cartoons, logos, and text) includes the Ripple Maker, the website and a smartphone app. The app includes a library of preloaded choices to start with, all of them broken down into categories so users can find what they want quickly. The website allows users to customize their image choices with their own photos and create various custom Ripples.

The Coffee Ripples app (for iOS and Android) works with Facebook and allows customers to create their own special Ripples when they order a cup of coffee. (For an example, check out the Ripple image of Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg at the top of this story.)

This takes the coffee experience to a totally new level and we can envision a Ripple Maker in every trendy coffee shop in the nation in the very near future. (Unforutnatley, at this point they're only being sold to commercial establishments but who knows what the future holds.)

(Via PDNPulse)