Brifely describe how you might use GPS in your digital camera.

Brifely describe how you might use GPS in your digital camera.
Yes, it sounds like fun.
32% (40 votes)
No, I don't need that kind of feature.
28% (35 votes)
Maybe, but I have to see how it works.
40% (51 votes)
Total votes: 126

Hannah's picture

It could be useful if you are out taking pictures in a place were you are not really familar with.

Chris's picture

I would love to have gps info so i can yet have another search criteria when sorting photos when going on multiple shoots.

Marti Deadwyler's picture

My TV doesn't do my laundry! Why would I want my camera?? Let's not combine too many features into one gadget - something ends up shortchanged.

Thomas's picture

Just another gimmick. What next? how about a phone?

Jim Kronmiller's picture

More bells and whistles that the photographer really does not need.

Chuck Pine's picture

I can't think of any reason why 'my' photography needs to pinpoint where a shot was taken. It might suit some, but not me!

Valueman's picture

It might help me remember where I took a particular photo. But then, maybe I should give up photography if I get that forgetful.

Viorel Lupsa's picture

This will be great for folks who would like to show up their beloved places to relatives/friends when a trip together is out of question. As an imigrant from Romania, I would like to take my entire family back to the places where I spent my childhood with my (their) ancestors too. Unfortunately, with their active careers we cannot make it together. I plan to take the appropriate (hundreds) of pictures associated with their coordinates which will be printed on the picture. This way they can retrace their roots on their time, later, even if I am gone on a greener pasture and cannot show it to them. On a funnier note maybe they can go treasure hunting ? Even Easter egg hunting for kids using a GPS and pictures ? Re-visiting places I like but I can no longer remember their exact location ? Or simply I liked a tree in a forest which can no longer be identified? Many uses, let's go for it and people will buy it.

W.  Patterson's picture

I have become so involved in photographing wildlife in dense wooded areas, that I have gotten lost on several occasions.

Speedball's picture

More than fun -- it is extremely useful to document where and when a photo was taken. Saves me from having to log it and then enter it in a db matching the image nr. Wifi has very limited usefulness and would be an expensive waste of money for most folks.

Rich Fields's picture

YES! Imagine aerial photography with coordinates that could be used at ground level,& affordable, not just for the D2X crowd.

Joe Dlhopolsky's picture

GPS could be useful, especially in legal photography. I personally have no need for WiFi. Blue Tooth is such a nightmare with respect to malicious code that I would be very hesitant to see a similar capability in my camera. Imagine people stealing photos off your camera without you even knowing about it, or downloading malicious code to it to erase your flash cards. Somebody with a little common sense should put some real thought into the implications of this "Wow!" technology before it is widely adapted.

John Macdonald's picture

I would like the GPS but don't have any interest in WiFi. I go out into the wilds of California and shoot wildflowers and this would help locate where the shot was taken because I sometimes forget to note the location.

Dan Wells's picture

Don't know how 'fun' it would be, but as a nature/landscape photographer I can see where I'd like to have it to store shot location information. Could be very useful.

Alan F.'s picture

I think if it were worked into the settings file with each photograph it would a good way to remember the location of the photograph.

Donald Haberman's picture

With shooting in meaning locations it would be nice to have the exact location for identification.

NIkon Hex's picture

I believe this should be another direction manufacturers should take, since GPS can help in providing the much needed information for photographs.

H.  Mark Macha's picture

Sounds like just another gadget distraction to me - use once and forget it.

Ellen C.'s picture

When shooting thousands of images on a travel week, it would sometimes be great to use the GPS to identify location.

Cihangir Güzey's picture

I don't need that feature but I don't take photos in the desert, jungle or while paragliding for a couple of hundred kilometers. Certainly a very nice thing for pros and specific hobby people.

David's picture

I don't need devices that add nothing to the image crammed into my cameras. I don't need it and I won't pay for it.

Web's picture

As a wildlife photographer, GPS location information for each photo could prove very useful.

Eduardo Mueses's picture

Of course people are going to start complaining about privacy and the idea that everybody is going to know where you are.

Barry, Portland Oregon's picture

I would use GPS as a way to catalog my images.

Don Darling's picture

To me this would just be another gadget to clutter up a camera back or menu tree. What ever happened to a map and good notes? Do you really need that kind of precision to locate the spot were you captured a particular image? I can see it now: dozens of digital shooters staring at the GPS coordinates on their viewfinder while seeking the precise spot where a friend took a photo a week earlier!

Wayne Rowlett's picture

I can see the usefullness of WiFi, but I'm not so sure on the GPS.

Mike's picture

I think if the photos are tagged with a GPS location that it might make it easier for people to remember exactly where they were when they took a photo. It would also help you track where were and are now going. One less device to carry woth you to remote locations.

Rob Heyl's picture

I use GPS now to authenticate my location when a picture may be legally challenged.

Ed 's picture

I can see it being used to mark locations to either come back to (lanscape or on holiday)or verify where a photo was taken. I'm thinking for photo journalist and being able to prove a photo was not taken elsewhere.

Gabriel's picture

Wifi would be a great idea to upload pics to your storage online without having to carry your computer around, other than that hmmm I don't know maybe...I have to think about it.