Briefly comment on your experiences, pro and con, with tripods.

Briefly comment on your experiences, pro and con, with tripods.
I use a tripod when I can and my results show it.
73% (74 votes)
I consider a tripod a bother, and rarely if ever use one.
12% (12 votes)
I would use a tripod more if I could find the right weight and model to use.
15% (15 votes)
Total votes: 101

Ken Bennett's picture

I know that for the "Best", smoothest photography, you've got to get serious about it, invest in a good tripod, and use it.

Sylvia Carcich's picture

I mainly photograph fires and other emergency scenes and do photography for a dirt kart track. There is too much going on to use a tripod, although I have considered a monopod at times. I DO use a tripod for portrait work and weddings where sharpness is essential.

Thomas Grimes's picture

There are times when one can hand hold the camera if the aperture selected allows a shutter speed more than 1/the focal length of the lens. There are situations where a tripod is diffucult to cope with: 1)fast moving subjects, e.g. sports photography and 2)street. Otherwise, a sturdy, well made tripod is essential as the camera. There is little excuse for lanscapes not to be shot with a tripod and is is essential in low light level situations as well as close up photography. Most excuses for not using the tripod when they should be used are lame. The photographer is simply lazy.

Ben Goodstein's picture

I feel that using a tripod allows me to take my time composing my pics and also is a must for low light work

Doug Gard's picture

I put a quick release on a sprint pro and take it everywhere.

Michael C.'s picture

I use a Slik Pro 400DX and wouldn't leave home without it. I prefer to shoot landscape and wildlife, so I need my camera as steady as possible. Use of a quality tripod will improve your photo quality. There is a difference between a picture and a photograph.

Christine Landon's picture

As I'm getting older, I can't get away with hand-holding at 1/15th sec, and there's no point in pretending my hands are still that steady. I retired my old aluminum Slik and bought one of their carbon fiber models. Stiffer and lighter; I like it!

Tom Bruno's picture

Sure, a tripod makes a big difference, but who's going to carry one while shopping, dining and visiting museums etc. on vacation, when most pictures are taken? And it would be weird to set one up at the dinner table for Thanksgiving or birthdays. But digicams are sooo slooowww that nearly half my images are blurred, or horribly noisy if I push ISO. What to do? My guess is that image stabilizaation will become mandatory on digital cameras. Hope so, anyway. And yes, I will still use my tripod on occasion.

Mel Abuyo's picture

Tripods are very helpful especially on low-light situations, but if the lighting is good enough, I'd rather have the freedom without it.

Ryan's picture

A must when shooting at sunset and later.